Friday, July 10, 2009

Haven't blogged in a while

Wow, I didn't realize it had been this long, I haven't felt well so I have let a few things slide. I have in the past couple months burnt my fingers badly on my torch it took about 4 weeks to heal enough to use them one was worse than the other. I haven't gotten to torch lately since I was having problems with dizziness and weak feelings, with numbness. I thought I may have gotten heavy metal poisoning from the glass I was working on my torch. Bad thing is I was going to the doctor almost 2 times a week and everything she tested turned out to be fine. I started taking vitamins and found out by accident that I have a vitamin deficiency, I have tried to not say anything to my family. My sister was getting married and I didn't want to take away from her day. I felt so bad that day I was so weak that I didn't feel like going to the wedding but I wanted to be there for her. While at the wedding I had to go down stairs to go to the restroom I didn't think my weak legs would bring me back up the stairs, I did make it back up. I had been feeling so much better but the week before her wedding I forgot to take the vitamin, I really didn't know I really needed it, the day before her wedding is when I found out what was wrong with me. Up until then I thought it was heavy metal poisoning. About a month before I had went to the health food store to get some heavy metal detox, and while there I picked up some vitamins that my cousin Ronald had told me that I should be taking since I was getting a little older. I had took the heavy metal detox for around a week and started the vitamins the same time. I thought well I have healed myself of the heavy metal because all the symptoms had went away. So for 3 more weeks I was good about taking the vitamins and then, it was a hectic week at work the week before the 4th and I had been trying to get some stuff up on etsy, plus my other sister was in for the week and I forgot to take the vitamins, so after 5 days of not taking them. I woke up to symptoms on that Friday morning, I thought oh no, I know what is wrong with me. So I quickly took the B12, vit D, Calcium and the multi-vitamin that I had been taking. It took me until around Tuesday the next week to begin to feel good again. I have to go back to the doctor to tell her what I figured out, bad thing is I had asked her if it could be that and she said she didn't think so. I dread seeing her, I made her mad when I insisted on a heavy metal test. Which is very expensive, I don't suggest getting one unless you know for sure you have been exposed to heavy metal. I didn't get to enjoy visiting with my sister or really enjoy my sisters wedding I get so dizzy I can't concentrate on anything. I have been very good about taking the B12 since then if I don't do anything else I will take the B12 because I never want to feel that way again. I think it has something to do with my stomach meds I am taking I say somewhere on the web that if your on stomach medicine for acid reflux that it could cause your stomach to not absorb B12. If you take stomach medicine that could be what is wrong if you start feeling bad. My lips would stay chapped all the time everyday of the year, I never knew why. I was so fatigued and exhausted at doing nothing, I didn't feel like going or doing anything for a while hubby had to cook supper, I had to make myself go to work, and my work suffered I couldn't put out as much as I used to, just didn't have the strength to do it. I couldn't go to town without feeling dizzy like I was going to pass out. At night I was just so exhausted I felt like I almost passed out at night instead of going to sleep. I couldn't walk far without being out of breath and so dizzy and weak that I needed to sit down. I had to make myself do anything I would sit there and think I just don't feel like doing it, even if in my mind I wanted to do so many things, my body wouldn't cooperate. My head hurt all the time, I was in a fog all the time, it was like being drunk without drinking my left arm would go numb and my hand would cramp up. it was like a wave that came over me, then my legs would go numb to the point that I couldn't feel anything from the small of my back down passed my knees, One leg would feel cold as ice but when you touched it with you hand you could feel it was warm, you just couldn't feel your that you had your hand on your leg. I have been checked for everything and it is nice to know that there is nothing wrong with anything she tested for. I just have to find a way to quit taking the stomach meds, I need to give up soft drinks, "coke cola" They tear my stomach up. I was so bad which I am not better yet but getting that way, that I didn't get my garden planted early enough that it would grow, and it isn't doing anything at all. Hubby had to plant it and take care of it but I guess he doesn't have a green thumb. Oh well there is next year, hopefully I will be completely better by then.