Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Cat

Our cat that weighs a ton can't even go through the snow it froze so hard, he walks on the top of it

New Home and Snow

We are finally in our new home, hopefully we will get it where we want it soon. Money has been so tight, I hope that work picks up soon. I am so tired of moving that I never want to move again. I didn't know we had that much stuff, I sat there yesterday and went through boxes I am going to get rid of things we just don't need, or can just live without. The bad thing is we did that as we boxed it up. Well it looks like we didn't throw one thing away. LOL The basement only has a path there. LOL

We got our first snow Friday, normally we don't get much snow or it doesn't stick if we do. I wonder what this year will bring. I heard someone say that it was going to be colder than normal for the next 6 weeks. Hummm, when I was young and in school there was snow every week, is it going to come back, I doubt it with the global warming, but you never know.