Thursday, January 29, 2009


  1. These are beautiful. I can spend a small fortune on beads like that. Won't you consider giving one or two away at OWOH? I know I would love to win that.

  2. your beads look gorgeous!

    thanks for entering my OWOH giveaway - feel free to stop by anytime. :)

  3. Gorgeous!!!
    Stunning beads, really!

    My name is Renee Yu and I am the designer behind the label 'giraffe&rabbit'. The pair of cupcake earrings being given away by Kathleen on Handmade Heavenlies were actually made by me - she bought them from me a while ago. Now that we have had a personal fallout, she has taken the pictures from my Etsy listing and is giving these earrings away pretending they were made by her. I saw this today when somebody showed me and now I feel like crying.

    If you do not believe me, please do check my Etsy store -

    Please be very careful of this lady. While I do not mind her re-gifting out these earrings, I would have liked to have been asked, and also to receive credit on her blog. This is really upsetting and hurtful and I just want to stop her hurting anybody else.

    Have a good day guys - I'm so sorry if I spoiled it with bad news!


  4. you make some lovely beads..thanks for your comment on my blog


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