Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My sons kitten died

We couldn't find blacky last night and this morning my son looked for her, he found her at the edge of the road. She was a sweet little kitten always following you around and she had attached herself to my son. No other animal has done this with him, he was really upset this morning. He told me yesterday "mom she follows me everywhere I go and she rubs all over me, I told him it was because she loved him and she wanted him to pet her. This couple that lives below us had just told him the other day " that little cat loves you", I have cried off and on all day. He told me this evening that "mom she had a good live she really loved me" I said yes she did. At least we have the other cats 2 brothers and 1 sister to her, they are loving but not like her. She will be dearly missed I am going to look to see if I have a photo of her, I know I did but don't know if I have one of her by herself she was a total black cat so if I find on I will post it here.


  1. I'm so sorry for your and your son's loss.

  2. I am sooo sorry to hear about the kitten. We have four of them here and I cannot imagine loosing one of them.
    Maybe I can brighten up you day a bit...have good won my give away with the OWOH.
    I will officially email you so you can sent me your address. Again I am sorry...and congrats.

  3. EEhm this is Andrea from talking horsesarts again, I do not seem to have you
    Please mail me your address

  4. i'm sorry about losing the little kitten... my family had two black long haired cats that we lost last summer one right after the other just before our little girl's birthday... we still miss them... hug the boy for us!


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