Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour and stomach bug

I hope everyone took part in Earth Hour Saturday night. My son and I turned off all the lights and did our part. Hopefully Everyone else did too, this will bring attention to global warming and climante change and hopefully people that are able to make changes will notice and be more active in bringing about change and a greener way of living. Hopefully, our future generations won't have to pay for the way the world has been mistreated and change can come soon to reverse climante change.

My son and I picked up some awful stomach bug this weekend and have felt awful, Hope to feel a lot better tomorrow, my son has about slept all day today, in between bathroom runs and I haven't felt like doing anything either, except those needed bathroom visits. Hubby says he doesn't feel to good today bet he will have it tonight or tomorrow. I guess everyone can tell we are a close family, we share everything even viruses. LOL
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