Saturday, March 5, 2011

My New Little Friend

I would like to introduce my new little friend, he is a sugar glider, he is such a sweet little boy. He likes to ride around in your pocket, and he is just getting where he is trusting us. My Husband keeps him in his shirt pocket, he won't be able to keep him in there when he gets bigger he will need a bigger pocket. LOL He will only get to be around 5 ounces so that isn't really that big, right now he is tiny.

here he is helping me take photos of my beads, that I am going to put on Etsy

I love this bead set I made and hate to sell it, but I guess I can always make something like it.

My husband was called back for an interview on Wednesday and they really acted like they were going to hire him, The guy said he would call him on Thursday, but he never did. I just wonder if it fell through or not. Maybe it wasn't meant to be, he needs to find a good place to work that will treat him fairly, he just hasn't been treated fair in the past and we thought this would be a good place. Well maybe he is concidering others, or maybe he will still call. Please keep us in your thoughts that he will get a job soon,

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