Thursday, June 10, 2010

haven't posted in a while

What can I say LOL I have been busy, we have worked on our yard and the house since buying it. We planted a garden this year with tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash, watermelon, cantilope, cucumbers, pumkin, green beans, corn, lettuce, okra, eggplant, dill weed, and oregano, basil, parsley, cilantro. From what I can see we are going to have plenty of apples and pears and grapes, and muscudines. We had Cherries LOL and I do mean had them we do not have them any longer LOL the birds ate them all. We plan on hanging suet out this summer and during the winter to get wrens to nest here, hopefully that will help us get to keep some of the cherries next year. My little blue berries are growing and do have some berries on them but they will have to grow some more in order to actually get enough to do something with them. I found out that the strawberries that where here when we bought the house only produce once a year, I was hoping that they would produce all summer but these don't look like they will produce again. I am thinking about replacing them but since they are established now I might just try to build them up with some fertilzer and see if they do better next year. I would love to find a cheap table and chairs for our porch, but I can't believe how much they cost. We get a little bit done at a time here, this is a nice house just a work in progress. We have planted flowers and shrubs and it will be a few years before they look good, we have to get fabric down and put more mulch down on top because the two truck loads we put down are not enough. The neighbors that live next to us said that the man that lived here always had a good garden. So, we planted one in the same spot he was using, we are having to miracle grow it every other week because the plants weren't doing very good. This fall after all the plants die back we will have to add ferilizer and maybe some sand and manure to make the soil better for gardening I would love to get some leaves to plow into the dirt to break down.

I have planted some palms in the yard and hope that they do okay, we are in zone 7 and the two different varitys I bought are suppose to do okay here. I have a friend that has them in her yard and her son has them too and they look beautiful. I will have to baby them for a while and maybe put some lights around them in the winter to keep them warm on cold nights, I just can't wait until they get bigger. Oh we also planted a colorado blue spruce and it is about 6 inches taller than when we planted it. So I will have the tropics on one side of the yard and the mountains on the other.

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