Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's been a while, I have been so busy in the last couple months. My nephew came to live with us until he leaves for the Army. So we have been spending time with him. We tiled the kitchen and bathroom floor because what was on the floor was 25 years old and awful. Let me say I don't think I ever want to tile again, I am not as young as I used to be. Crawling on the floor is not for me. LOL

My husband is looking for a Job, and isn't having any luck. I hope things get better for everyone. There just doesn't seem to be any jobs out there. He is wonderful at what he does and a very loyal employee, I just hope a job will open up and someone will give him the oppertunity to prove it. He found out where he can go to get ceritified but he can't until they do the test in May this year and that will help him when jobs do open up. I just pray he finds a job before then.

We had to mulch the flower beds again this fall because we thought we would be alright without mulch fabric. I lost a few shurbs, the soil is mainly clay and things don't do too good. A friend of mine is going to let us have some manure for the garden, it didn't do good at all this year, the only thing that did well was the squash and green beans. We have to trim back our fruit trees and I hope that will help the cherry tree produce more. One of the apple trees broke some limbs and we have to trim it back too.

I make lampwork as a hobby in my spare time, I would love to learn how to get the silver glass to work better for me. Maybe one of these days.

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